We need a comprehensive plan to ensure that our borders and national interests are secured, but we need to remember that a hard-working, diverse workforce is in our national interest. I am ready to work hard to find a solution that addresses the ways in which we can strengthen our border in a smart and humane way, and the core factors that push individuals out of their home countries to begin with. We must also immediately and unconditionally END the inhumane treatment and separation of children and their families. Policies enacted over the last few years reject any semblance of the values that make up the very fabric of our Nation.

The right approach to Immigration starts here:

There is no reason for a wall

  • Not only is it prohibitively expensive to produce and maintain, it will be devastating for the ecology of the region, disrupting the migration and movements of countless animal species.
  • We can have secure borders without a wall. We live in modern times; we need to utilize the technology that is available to us: unmanned drones, satellite technology, LIDAR, etc. This would ensure security but at a much cheaper cost.
  • Most undocumented immigrants gain that status by overstaying their visas. They are already in the country, a wall will not change that.
  • Putting up walls, both physically and metaphorically, is not what our country is about. It goes against the very values our country was founded on.

Security for DACA recipients

  • Young people are the future of our nation, and we welcome any well intentioned, qualified individual who is determined to live up to the values our country holds dear: hard work, independence, and self-reliance.

Stricter control, oversight and verification for employer hiring practices

  • A large number of undocumented migrants come to work for employers that do not keep appropriate records of their status, oftentimes exploiting them by paying below the minimum wage.
  • Ensuring that employers keep accurate records and by verifying those records, we can not only address this avenue of illegal migration, but also stop human trafficking for labor. This would prevent the exploitation of migrants through the payment of low wages.

Foreign investment, partnerships, and accountability

  • We must, in concert with other countries in the region, target the root cause of immigration; the dominant factors which push individuals out of their home countries. These are often: authoritarian leaders, crime, violence, low wages, high unemployment, underperforming economies, poverty. We can target these issues through foreign investment. This is not aid, it is not “free money”; by making investments in foreign countries, we expect a return on this investment.

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