As a Texan, a veteran, and responsible gun owner, I know that there is a way for us to maintain our liberties while also maintaining every citizen’s right to safety and peace within their lives, homes, and communities. As a surgeon who has operated on countless gunshot victims, I know, with deep familiarity, that inaction on this issue is an extreme risk. I am ready to listen to you and work together on solutions.

The right approach to Gun Safety starts here:

Universal background checks

  • Background checks for any firearm purchase make sense. Private dealers selling firearms for cash and without background checks have long been used as a loophole for individuals to purchase guns who would not otherwise qualify for gun ownership. Universal background checks would close this loophole and do more to ensure that only responsible citizens are able to own guns.

Assault weapons ban

  • Assault rifles were created for exactly that purpose: assault. They are weapons of war, and do not have a place in our homes or streets.
  • Assault weapons are not ideal home defense weapons. Their ammunition is designed to penetrate, and the last thing we want is for an individual to, in the course of defending their home, cause collateral damage in surrounding homes.

Red flag system

  • A red flag system would allow law enforcement to be aware when certain situations were triggered. Vendors would be required to flag any large/unusual purchases of ammunition or firearms, which could be an early warning sign. Mental health providers would also be required to flag patients within this same system, when patients indicate intentions to perform violent acts. Lastly, law enforcement would be able to place a red flag within this system when there are concerns about firearm related violence, such as domestic violence or other offenses.

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