It’s critical that we acknowledge the existence of climate change. We also need to understand the effects it has -and will continue to have- on where, and how, we live. These changes will, by necessity, drive public discourse and policy. Intelligent planning and integration of business and environmental strategies will be crucial to achieving our goals and realizing new economic opportunities.

The right approach to Our Environment starts here:

Fossil Fuels, Renewable Energy, and Resources

  • I strive to recognize the importance of reducing fossil fuel consumption and hope to employ a strategy that expands alternative and renewable energy sources. This is not only good policy; it is also a matter of national security. This should also involve redoubling our efforts to develop and expand public transportation throughout the country.
  • These policies should also encompass smart growth strategies, which are sensitive to clean air, safe drinking water, sanitation, and public health. Implicit in this strategy is the maintenance of public lands, forests, prairies, rivers, lakes, and wetlands.


  • I aim to restore regulations that relate to coal emissions, fuel efficiency standards, and clean air and water. This should include a sustained, targeted effort to remediate the greater than 1,300 remaining EPA Superfund sites.
  • Regulation limits the activity of private industry to avenues that do not endanger the living environments in which we live.
  • I believe it is essential to reestablish the United States as a global leader in environmental stewardship and recognize the strategic importance of involving other nations, and regions of the world, in this effort.


  • I know, deep down, that humanity’s longest term future lies among the stars. We have an ever-present responsibility to our home planet, but regardless of that I would see massive investment in our space programs. All this to ensure the prosperity of not just us, or our children, or our children’s children, but for the children that will be born a millennia from now.

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