The world we live in is changing. There are entire worlds that exist solely online, complete with their own perspectives, rules, sense of community, and social structures. Not only has the internet changed our social lives permanently, it has changed our physical ones as well. Public and private entities alike use digital systems to manage everything, from electric power grids and water treatment systems, to petroleum refinement plants and chemical manufacturing. These systems are vulnerable. This includes social networks like Facebook or Instagram. Public opinion can be controlled by bad actors dominating the conversation in the public awareness. Our economy, our communities, and our Democracy are at risk. Countless attacks on these systems have already occurred around the world, and have proven to be real threats. The US is lagging behind in this new era of warfare, and whether we like it or not, it is here to stay. We must be prepared.

The right approach to Cyber Security starts here:

Public funding for cyber security initiatives

  • The US Government has a vested interest in, and responsibility for, ensuring that companies are able to do business freely without intervention, as well as maintaining the safety and security of our public utilities.
  • Funding for these initiatives should include cooperation with tech companies, the military, and local governments to identify vulnerabilities and to fix security breaches.
  • Recruitment of the brightest young minds to help us build the next era of cyber security infrastructure.

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