The core foundation of our criminal justice system is wrong. For so long, we have focused on strict, intense punishment as a means of deterrence. Our criminal justice system needs real reform. Our system must treat everyone equally and not give special treatment to the wealthy or unfairly punish minorities, people of color, and other vulnerable communities. We can find a solution that keeps our communities safe, but that does not sacrifice our humanity in the process.

The right approach to Criminal Justice starts here:

End of mandatory minimums

  • Judges are in their positions to do that: judge. We must give judges more discretion and authority to make decisions about what length of incarceration makes sense, on a case-by-case basis.
  • De-scheduling and full legalization of cannabis at a federal level.
  • Expungement of records and commuting of prison sentences for individuals convicted of low-level, non-violent drug offenses.

Rein in private prisons

  • Private prisons have been exploiting both inmates and the taxpayer alike. They are paid through taxes to manage our inmate populations, but are falling short. Their pursuit of profit has led them to sacrifice attention to human rights. Horrendous living conditions; rancid, spoiled food; lack of access to adequate medical care, removal of books/libraries, etc.
  • Their existence as a private entity creates a demand for more prisoners. Local governments/police departments are pressured to keep beds full, or risk the prison closing down and the loss of jobs for the community. We cannot allow the exchange of our humanity for profit.

Ending capital punishment

  • Capital punishment extracts much from the system in terms of resources while being unequally applied, sometimes unjustly or in error. Even one innocent person mistakenly put to death is too many.

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